I would like to personally welcome you to the official REPTILESMOD website. Here at REPTILESMOD we work exclusively research for human body part regeneration.

REPTILESMOD is, a part of Super Group of Companies (USDA), which is one of the largest diversified Group in USA.

Furthermore, there was a serious lack of indigenous expertise to resolve these problems. It should come as no surprise therefore those Reptilesmod objectives for this millennium are essentially the same as they were eleven decades ago To help ensure human power and better health for humankind and its livestock; and To conserve and make better use of natural resources like arthropod’s.

Our research is mainly in four things which are Poison dart frog, Goliath bird eater spider, some kind of reptiles and Asian black forest scorpion.

Our goods venom is merely modified saliva, or a combination of many different proteins and enzymes.

The old way of categorizing venom indicated that some arthropods have neurotoxic venom (affecting the nervous system) and others have hemotoxic venom (affecting tissue and blood). There are actually far more than two types of toxins, and countless combinations of these – my toxins, cardio toxins, haemotoxins, and neurotoxins, to name just a few.

A Scientist Dr Brett Kamrin said our team produced anti- snake venom to treat the victims of snake-bite in the country which was comparatively cost effective and useful for treatment snakebite victims in compared with other international snakebites drugs. He is the Production & Validation Officer of REPTILESMOD.

Dr Brett Kamrin, said: “Many snake venom toxins target the same physiological pathways that doctors would like to target to treat a variety of medical conditions. “The cardiovascular system, heart and blood vessels, is one of the main targets of snake venom when attacking prey and it has played a role in the origins of some blood pressure drugs such as ACE inhibitors. The nervous system is another similar area.

The challenge has been to overcome the toxic effect of the toxins. “This means that drug developers have had to modify toxins to retain their potency and make them safe for drug use,” said Dr Casewell. However, the scientists involved in the study believe nature may have already done the hard work, with reptiles making the toxins safe for their own use. Dr Casewell said it would be a “whole new source” for drug discovery.