Reptiles Mod Mission:

REPTILESMOD main mission is human regeneration. Our scientist shows that the venom’s of the natural world can actually be harvested as potential medicinal treatments and cures. From using scorpion, bee, and snake venom for cancer treatments to employing venom hypnotherapy to treat insect sting allergies, researchers have investigated the therapeutic effects of a wide variety of animal and insect poisons. And it turns out that when used the right way, the poisons that would typically kill us can actually save our lives, too. And it is also helpful in human regeneration process.

Where We Work:

REPTILESMOD is collecting there goods from 4 main country of ASIA (INDIA, PAKISTAN, THAILAND and UAE). Our authorized dealer working in different country at 24/7.


The dangerous effect of scorpion venom on humans is well known, but there are also many medicinal uses of scorpion and snake venom, this specialized saliva:

Excessive Bleeding:

A blood-clotting protein in Taiping venom has been found to stop excessive bleeding during surgery or after major trauma.


Components of Malayan Pit Viper venom has shown potential for breaking blood clots and treating stroke victims.

Neurological Diseases:

Enzymes from cobra venom may be instrumental to finding cures for Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease.

Cancer (Various Types):

An enzyme derived from copperhead venom could be used to treatment for different types of cancer.


Yes, some are even used in a commercial wrinkle cream!


Asian black Scorpion has been found to create regeneration in human body.